Supvan SP650E automatic continuous plate printer

Supvan SP650E automatic continuous plate printer

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can print plate ang label of PVC, ABS, PETand other materials
●unique automatic continuous functions into the card, which greatly improves the work efficiency
can print a wider range of high-speed printing
High-speed printing,wider print Range
provide free professional editing software
unique USB2.0 interface

consumables kind specification model
ribbon black ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130B
white ribbon 100 meters/roll SP-R100W
red ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130R
silver ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130S
blue ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130BU
green ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130GR
golden ribbon 130 meters/roll SP-R130GL
sticker 50mm silver sticker 50m/roll Lightsilver wire SP-L50050S
70mm silver sticker 50m/roll Lightsilver wire SP-L70050S
plate 32x68plate Single hole
30x60 plate  two holes30mm*60mm SP-30602
Cleaning Cartridge Cleaning Cartridge 6 meters/roll SP-CF
Aluminum alloy box Optional   SP-LB01 
Division I provide customized services for signs, stickers and  die-cut sticker, please contact us!

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