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How to solve cable id printer print not in the middle

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  Sometimes when the customer print, They found cable id printer print not in the middle of segment. Like below picture. Now we need to guide the customer adjust.

cable id printer

  1, Press “Margin” button, Select “Horizontal align”--- “Tube”,

  2,Please notice the current value, If The cable id printer have any current value ,first we need make the current value to “0”,For example, The current value is 3,then we input new is -3,like below picture. Then press “Enter”.

cable id printer

  3,We use a formula :(Left distance-Right distance)/2,like below picture,( 3-5)/2= -1. Press “Margin” button, Select “Horizontal align”--- “Tube” again then we input “-1”.Now I think the problem will be solved.

cable id printer

  I think after we set above steps, when you cable id printer print, It will improve ,but maybe still not let customer satisfaction. then repeat above steps until ok..

cable id printer

  **,The point 2 is the key, Make sure adjust current value to “0”first.

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