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How to adjust wire marker printer depth of cut

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  Sometimes, When the customer print by the wire marker printer ,They found the half cut depth is not enough, Full cut cannot cut off, then we need to guide customer adjust.
  We know the wire marker printer keyboard have “Cut Depth” button, we can guide customer adjust depth by this button first. But still not working after customer adjust by “Cut Depth” button, Then we use the below way:

  Before adjust cut depth, Please make sure tube or label pass the wire marker printer cutter first

  Press “Ctrl+Shift+stop” at the same time, then you will see as below:

wire marker printer

  *****Please notice tube and label s half cut and full cut have different click value.

  1.Tube half cut initial click value:45

  2.Tube full cut initial click value:145

  3.Label half cut initial click value:75

  4.Label full cut initial click value:150

  When you adjust wire marker printer cut depth, Please use above initial click value first, If the cut depth still not enough, then plus or minus based on initial click value.

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