Customer service

Supvan company has a dedicated aftermarket service department, which is a specialized team to provide you with technical support and customer service nationwide. Headquarters has established a comprehensive network of services inthe domestic aftermarket, including product maintenance, quality assurance, technical support, technical and customer service training, materials management, hotline services, market supervision. With other organizations in the large square, aftermarket service department service throughout the country, and service segments so that the effective implementation of the domestic service standardized management, to ensure that your choice foolproof.

Customer service

Supvan customer service network consists of the three forms of composition: large square area service centers, Supvan agents, large square dealerships


Supvan Region Service Center

Supvan Region Service Center is committed to regional publicity , product sales, after sales service and support, dealer services and brand market management.

Supvan agents

The supvan's agents are committed to the the supvan's products regional sales , manage maintenance and dealerships.

Supvan dealerships

The supvan's dealerships committed to regional sales, service and maintenance of the area.

Customer service network in China's mainland by the agents of the district service center of the suvpan, supvan agents, supvan dealerships throughout the provinces.

Supvan customer service network is based on the ISO9001 quality standards of service and choose strong partners established. For details, please call the customer service phone :86 -10-62966973 or email:

Warranty services

As China the first electronic tube printer suppliers, we have not only committed to providing quality large square, humane and rapid commitment of dedicated service . Our concern to your side, to bring you more of our mind.

Please pay attention to the following information in order to protect your rights!       From June 25, 2008, purchase model TP66i, TP60i TP20 supvan tube printer enjoy the whole 2 years, 24 months, the print head 1 year 12 months free warranty service!
Buy the products of the supvan in 2008, in order to get the repair, replacement, or return (referred to as the "three guarantees") interests, please:
1、The time of purchase, complete, correct and true to fill out your warranty card (standard configuration with), and stamped with the seal of the seller.
2、Please keep filled and stamped with the official seal of the vendor warranty card "
3、Ask for a valid purchase invoice or purchase accessories (the separate purchase accessories) invoice and safekeeping

A valid warranty card and invoice is the basic guarantee of the rights and interests of the "three guarantees". (Valid warranty card and invoice: Fill out a comprehensive, true and correct, erasure if you have any questions, please call the Customer Service Hotline :86 -10-62966973 supvan or service outlets contact with the supvanNote: The above "Three Guarantees "service is only valid on products sold in the Chinese mainland. Supvan companies all final interpretation.

Other warranty policy

Interpretation of the warranty service on products purchased in China, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Macau, China, in mainland China.

  • Suvan products to buy in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau enjoyment of mainland Chinas three guarantees service?

    Supvan products to buy in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, host enjoy the foregoing limited warranty service in the mainland, the mainland areas of the "three guarantees" shall not apply to Shuo Fang products to buy in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. "Three Guarantees" service is only available to purchase a large square in the mainland formal channels.

  • Supvan mainframe products can be purchased in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, mainland China enjoy a limited warranty service?

    Enjoy the limited warranty service range of its requirements are as follows:
    A:Only from May 1, 2005 in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macau through formal channels to buy the original licensed host (not including attachments) Service outlets in mainland China supvan customers to enjoy a one-year limited warranty service.
    B:Factory licensed supvan products can be purchased any formal channels in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau query to the database of the large square, as in the supvan in the database   query can not host does not enjoy this limited warranty.
    C:All in Hong Kong, the user must provide valid proof of purchase to buy in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau (such as: invoices, warranty card, etc.). Repair supvan products to buy in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan host need to comply with the the corresponding conditions set forth in the limited warranty terms and conditions of  the mainland area to qualify for the warranty. Such as over the warranty period or man-made damage is not covered by the warranty, you need to pay maintenance.

  • Why supvan mainframe products purchased in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan to provide warranty service in the mainland?

    The supvan is not only committed to provide users with high quality industrial identification products, more humane and personalized dedicated service of the firm commitment of the majority of consumers. Becoming more frequent contact with the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, for the convenience of users in mainland China safe for use in Hong Kong, Macau, the master side tube printer in formal channels in


For the following situations, the customer service center during maintenance will be appropriate to charge a certain material costs and maintenance labor costs. Specific consulting fees to the local service center.

  • ◎ Failed to produce the product warranty certificate;
  • ◎ Product or its components beyond the warranty period for free;
  • ◎ Failure caused by abnormal voltage, improper use of the environment;
  • ◎ Fault with electric plug and other misuse;
  • ◎ In the transport, caused by the purchaser's failure in the process of unloading;
  • ◎ Product failure caused by disassembly, repair, modification without factory authorized;
  • ◎ Failure caused by failure to operate according to the operating manual written using methods and precautions;
  • ◎ The cause of the failure and non-resistance and other natural factors.

Final interpretation of this document supvan technology. If you have any questions, please call the supvan of mainland China Customer Service Hotline :86 -10-62966973