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Supvan Tube printer

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  Supvan tube printer user-friendly and high speed marking technology with fascinating advanced functions facilitates marking PVC Tube, Tape, Shrinkable Tube with ease and produces a clear, sharp and durable lettering (300dpi resolution printing)

supvan Tube printer

  Main features

  PC Interface

  · Supvan tube printer can be connected to PC by USB cable.

  · Equipped with the application software “Supvan PC Editor”.

  · Data prepared on PC can be downloaded to the Lettering Machine for printing tubes and tapes

  Output Rate

  Printing speed of 25mm per second.

  Supvan tube printer with the half-cut operation, user is able to print 35 pcs of 20mm length tube per minute and 40 pcs of 20mm length tube per minute.


  300 dpi high resolution printing produce clear, sharp and durable lettering

  Build-In Storage

  · Larger build-in storage memory.

  · Store up to 200 files.

  Adjustable Cutting Depth

  Adjustable cutting depth with different cutting styles – e.g. half cut, full cut which enhances the life spend of half cutter unit.

  Thermal Head

  Special coating enhance the life spend of thermal head.

  With Supvan English version tube printer on the market, we are looking for oversea cooperate possibilities, If you are interesting in my company s English version tube printer , please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your specific inquires.

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