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How to solve ribbon to be cut problem

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  The solution of ribbon to be cut:

  1) Please adjust print density

  The main reason cause the ribbon out with tube and cut by cutter is Density value, Please adjust current density value to small number ,For example ,The current density value is 2,Please adjust density value to “1”

  2) Clean tube

  Sometimes, cause the ribbon out with tube and cut by cutter is tube dirty, Please clean tube surface ,then try again.

  After the ribbon to be cut, You will be find the ribbon like below picture:

  Now I tell you how to fix the broken ribbon

How to solve ribbon

  1、 If the broken ribbon like How to solve ribbon,

  1) First we put the broken two part together, then use tape glue together, like below picture No.1

  2) Tighten the slack the ribbon according to the arrow of ribbon cassette surface. Like picture No.2

   How to solve ribbon   

How to solve ribbon

  2、If the broken ribbon like How to solve ribbon(One part of broken ribbon already inside the ribbon cassette)

  1)Please find a label first.

  2)Peel the end of label like “step 1”,There are two parts “Bottom paper” and “Surface paper”

  3)Use scissor cut “surface paper” part, leave “Bottom paper” with adhesive like step 2

  4)Insert the label into ribbon cassette, Try to stick the broken ribbon of inside cassette like step 3,Maybe need try several time to make sure label stick broken ribbon.

  5)Pull out label like step 4
  6)Then we follow” If the broken ribbon like How to solve ribbon ,”

 How to solve ribbon 

  Note: Never never disassemble the ribbon cassette even the broken ribbon inside the cassette, Because once you disassemble it, maybe the ribbon cannot be use anymore.

How to solve ribbon

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