Supvan Automatic Tube Printing Machine MT01
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Supvan tube printing machine is a device developed by Supvan Company and integrated with other devices for printing heat shrinkable tubes.

Tube Printing Machine

Supvan tube printing machine widely integrated in the following equipment in china:

Tube Printing Machine

Full automatic double head heat shrinkable tube terminal machine, Heat shrinkable tube machine, In principle, any machine that needs the tube heat shrinking function can be integrated.

Supvan tube printing machine suit for various types of automatic tube equipment, heat shrinkable tube machine, terminal machine and so on.

Tube Printing Machine

Supvan tube printing machine advantage:

1.High performance and price ratio, simple operation, compact design, convenient installation

2.Clear printing, durable storage, stable data.

3.Thermal transfer technology.

 Tube Printing Machine

Currently Supvan tube printing machine seeking for the cooperation with other devices supplier who want to integrated our machine into theirs device ,therefore ,if you have any enquiry, Feel free to let us know .