When you need a heat shrink tube printer, GET SUPVAN TP2000M
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  If you want to print small-size heat shrink tube, you can choose SUPVAN wire marker TP70E. After years of market testing, this printing effect of wire marker is still clear at low temperatures, so the repurchase rate is very high. What’s more, if you need to print large-size heat shrinkable tube, SUPVAN wire marker TP2000M is your best choice, professional!

wire marker

  Scenario 1, which heat shrink tube printer is better?

  If the heat shrink tube size is big, please choose the wire marker TP2000M.As a heat shrink tube printer is specially developed for the printing of heat-shrinkable tubes, the SUPVAN wire marker TP2000M solves the problem that ordinary printers can’t print wider and narrower heat-shrinkable tubes, and solves the problem that the text fades after heat shrinking. SUPVAN wire marker TP2000M solves the problem of manual cutting, etc. It is simple to use, and achieve batch editing and printing. The process is flow, and the speed is efficiency!

  The built-in half-cutting knife can automatically half-cut after printing the heat shrinkable tube, which greatly saves the trouble of manual cutting. It is simple and efficient, convenient and practical.

  Wide print size: wire marker TP2000M can print width φ7mm-φ30mm heat shrinkable tube, and the printing width of content is 2mm-40mm; it solves the printing problem of ultra-thick heat shrinkable tube and ultra-narrow heat shrinkable tube, and meets the needs of more kinds of cables and equipment identification. Fully realize the printing needs of different customer groups.

  Scenario 2,what’s a good heat shrink tube printer ? if the tube size is small, you can choose SUPVAN wire marker TP70E.

  SUPVAN wire marker TP70E has many functions to meet your printing need:

  1. Tube, heat shrink tube (φ0.5--φ6) and label ( 6mm/9mm/12mm) can be printed.

  2.It can realize repeated printing decimal number and letter serial number A-Z, a-z.

  3.Automatic full cut and automatic half cut.

  4.You can set different length, font size and kerning.

  5.The printing content can be modified.

  6. horizontal and vertical printing can be realized.

  7. Different printing density can be set according to the ambient temperature.

  8.The Permutation function can be set according to the ambient temperature.

  9. Superscript ,subscript and double line can be printed with tube printer TP76E.

  10. The depth of the half-cut can be adjusted to improve the use time of the half-cutting knife and obtain a satisfactory half-cutting effect.

  11. The function at the beginning and the end of the article will make it more convenient for you to check the input content.

  12. The same file can be printed on tube, stickers and heat shrinkable tube without re-inputting.

  Which type of heat shrink tube printer is better? You will realize that it’s really good after using SUPVAN wire marker TP2000M. Every type of SUPVAN wire marker and SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer are guaranteed for 2 years, and the maintenance service is provided for life. SUPVAN after-sales team will solve the worries of all the users. For more details, please inquire with the manufacturer SUPVAN: sales@supvan.com