SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E
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  Ordinary industrial label printer only supports 6/9/12MM wide label printing. For wider cable labels, you should choose a more professional industrial label printer. SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E is such a professional label printer for weak current systems.

industrial label printer

  The weak current identification system has strict requirements on the labels. The labels should be printed but manual filling is not allowed. It should be clearly visible and easy to read. It is particularly emphasized that the label should be able to withstand the test of the environment, such as: humidity, high temperature, ultraviolet light, and should have the same or longer service life as other identified facilities.

  In the power telecommunications industry, many power-related units are using the MP7640E label printer to print labels of different colors to identify confusing switch panels and control panels. In addition, it is more convenient for identification to stick a flag label or a wrapped label on the cables.

  In the face of complex building wiring, it is often encountered some unnecessary troubles caused by choosing a wrong cable. The MP7640E industrial label printer can be set up in batches through professional editing software which is simple and efficient. For example: many functions for printing wrapped labels for cables and wires.

industrial label printer

  The SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E has strong label making ability and a wide range of applications:

  1. Flag cable identification: The label printer editing software has a unique flag-shaped label setting, which can be made into a flag-shaped label widely used on cables and wires.

  2. Wrap cable identification: In the face of complicated office wiring, some unnecessary troubles caused by unplugging the wrong cable. Through professional editing software, It is simple and efficient to set in batch. For example: many functions for printing wrap labels for cables and wires.

  3. Connector identification: The labels produced by the MP7640E industrial label printer can be used to manage telephone lines, LAN cables, HUB network data lines and other communication equipment that use a large number of cables.

  4. Computer room identification: Use wide format cable labels to make various logos, which can easily identify the line you are looking for even in a dimly lit room. What’s more, the unique cable label from SUPVAN is not easy to shell and peel off, and it is easy to maintain for a long time.

  5. Folder identification: According to the different content of the documents, the serial number function and the barcode function can be used to make classification labels, which is convenient for reviewing the documents you need smoothly.

  6. ​​Shelf identification: The MP7640E label printer can produce labels with barcodes and QR codes, which is convenient for users to scan and identify goods with barcodes, and manage the inventory effectively.

  7. Laboratory reagent identification: the label identification on the reagent bottle or test tube, such as the name of the drug, inspection data, management number, necessary information, etc. It should be clear to anyone who reads it, and use color label ribbons to make the information marked striking.

  8. Chemical equipment identification: industrial label printer can produce labels with low cost and high quality in warehouses, machinery, equipment and factories. Tests have proved that SUPVAN laminated labels can adapt to various harsh environments, including chemical contact, high temperature and low temperature environments.

  9. Warehouse management: In order to recognize the goods on the shelf, a wide label (36mm) is used to identify the item number, and bar code management can also be used, which helps the visual management of the warehouse site.

industrial label printer

  SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E adopts industrial-grade configuration, batch input and batch output, which fully meets the needs of mass label custom printing. If you are interested in SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E, you can inquiry at,