What’s the best industrial label printer ?
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  Industrial label printers can meet the working intensity of endless printing for a long time, which is more prominent in the parameters of machine speed, printing range, resolution, etc. what is the best industrial label printer in the Chinese market? Which kind of speed is fast, the range is wide, and the after-sales is guaranteed ?

Industrial label printer

Supvan industrial label printer MP7640E

  The SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E belongs to the high-efficiency label printer with industrial configuration in the principle of thermal transfer printing. The high-precision print head, 300DPI resolution, automatic cutting and printing, speed 35mm per second, label width 6-64MM, label with strong weather resistance, the text keeps long-term preservation, no fading, no abrasion due to contact with solvents, no deformation and discoloration due to high temperature, etc. The Industrial label printer MP7640E fully meet the printing needs of many industries such as power, communications, logistics, railway, aerospace and so on.

  1. The width of label

  The printing width refers to the imum printing width range that the label printer can bear. This label is different from that of ordinary printers with paper specifications. It uses the daily length unit mm for logos, which is clear at a glance. The users should choose according to the actual width of the label that he needs to print in the actual application. And for this point, the user must consider the width of label in advance, the width of the large label can print small font, but if the width is small label, you couldn’t print large front obviously.The printing range of the SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E is 6MM-64MM, and various label sizes provide more possibilities for more marking environments.

Industrial label printer

  1. Batch printing

  The industrial label printer MP7640E connects to a computer via USB for convenient operation and fast transmission, batch printing. Through special editing software, the Excel files can be imported into industrial label printer or connected to a database. It is easy to achieve batch printing , and improve your work efficiency. The SUPVAN general software built-in massive label templates, barcode labels, Two-dimensional code labels, logo labels, continuous labels, flag labels, wrap laminated labels, a variety of labels for your option.

  3. Long service life

  Industrial label printers use quality print heads to show clear printing results, continuous printing, long-term printing, printing a large number of labels at once, to meet the needs of all walks of life. At the same time, the industrial label printer MP7640 is made of sturdy materials, has a strong texture, is durable, has excellent stability against shock and vibration, and has a longer service life.

Industrial label printer

  4. Humanized industrial design

  Industrial label printer MP7640E adopts a fixed hook design to fix the ribbon and label materials to avoid skewed printing and reduce the frequency of ribbon replacement. Computer operation, precise control, there is no need to worry about human operation errors in busy work after issuing printing instructions. The humanized industrial designs make the industrial label printer MP7640E cost-effective.

  Which industrial label printer is better? SUPVAN industrial label printer MP7640E is a high-quality product that can withstand repeated comparisons, high efficiency, high cost performance, and guaranteed after-sales. For more information about it, please call the manufacturer: +0086-010- 62968596-805, customer service at:sales@supvan.com