Heat shrinkable tube printer concentrates on printing oversized heat shrink tube
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  After marking the heat shrink tube, the heat shrink tube could be installed into the line system, which can make the labeling clear while the line is insulated. you can kill two birds with one stone. You can choose the tube printer when printing heat shrink tube in small size. If you want to print an oversized heat shrink tube, you can choose heat shrinkable tube printer SUPVAN TP2000.

Heat shrinkable tube printer

  SUPVAN heat shrinkable tube printer TP2000M is a professional tool for cutting and typing of oversized heat shrink tubes. It has industrial-grade configuration, high efficiency, and can continuously print 35mm per second; high definition, equipped with imported high-definition print head. The definition is up to 300DPI, which ensures that the effect is still clear before and after heat shrinkage.

Heat shrinkable tube printer

  SUPVAN TP200M heat shrink tube printer function features like below,

  1. High productivity and fast printing speed: Printing speed at 35mm/s, it is easy to complete batch printing.

  2. Wide printing range: Print heat shrink tube at φ7mm-φ30mm.

  3. Automatic half cut: Simple and efficient, convenient and practical.

  4. Clear printing effect: 300DPI high resolution ratio.

  5. Durable marker: Adopt advanced thermal transfer technology, focus on heat shrink tube printing, better weather resistance.

  6. Stable performance: Compatible with multiple operating system, connect a computer through a USB interface, the operating system can be Windows XP/7/8/10/XP/VISTA.

  7. Dedicated editing software: User-friendly design, easy to call massive built-in frames, bar-codes, symbols, stickers and etc, the Excel files are imported directly.
  Because the heat shrinkable tube printer TP2000 is used, the oversized cable insulation protection and cable identification are integrated, which not only ensures the normal and safe use of power, wire, electronic components etc but also plays a role in the identification of lines, equipment, networks etc. Heat shrinkable tube printer TP2000M provides a more professional guarantee for the identification of the secondary wires of electrical control and distribution equipment, electrical control, distribution equipment and integrated wiring engineering wiring labels. The use of heat shrinkable tube printer TP2000M can meet the need for power line, electrical equipment factory, substation, and power industry wire identification marking. For more information about SUPVAN heat shrinkable tube printer TP2000, please call SUPVAN manufacturer: +0086- 18610538843 or mail us at: sales@supvan.com