Efficient Supvan SP650E automatic continuous optical cable signage printers.
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  The 5G network brings great convenience to people's production and life. The construction of the 5G network is inseparable from the previous tight optical cable laying and network construction work. Large-scale optical cable tag printing requires professional tools. SUPVAN SP650E is an efficient, fully automatic fiber optic cable signage printer for placing cards for printing. Place the plates in batches for continuous automatic printing. 7pcs of plate 32MM×68MM can be printed continuously per minute, which is twice as fast as ordinary optical cable signage printers.

plate printer

  SUPVAN SP650E optical cable signage printer is fully automatic in plate printing, cable listing and optical cable signs are placed in a stack, the printer automatically enters the plate printing. The operator edits the content, the printer can be unattended, according to the edited content, a content of the signage corresponds to the printing of a signage, fully automated operation, greatly improved efficiency, saving labor costs, saving time and effort!

  Place plates in batches:

  1. Original automatic and continuous plates feeding technology, save labor, 50 plates can be placed at a time (single plate thickness is 1mm), the printing process is fully automated, saving labor;

  2. The plate feeding box can accommodate the thickness of all boards ≤50mm, and can hold up to 250 pieces (single plate thickness is 0.2mm);

  3. If the thickness of a single piece is 1mm (the most commonly used), 50 plates can be placed at a time.

  Automatic plates printing:

  1. The automatic and continuous plate feeding technology greatly saves the plate feeding time and improves the overall printing efficiency;

  2. If 50pcs plates (size: 32mm*68mm ) are printed at the same time, it can save about half time compared with other brands of optical cable signage printers.

 optical cable signage printer


  SUPVAN optical cable signage printers adopts advanced thermal transfer principle and automatic cable feeding to print cable identification plates, which can easily complete large-scale batch printing. SUPVAN manufacturer specially provides plates size 32mm*68mm and 30mm*60mm for national power grid and southern power grid specifications. ABS cable identification plate, one-time injection molding, the surface and edges are smooth. It is easy to implement automatic printing and liberating hands. If you want to know more details ,please call at +0086-010-62968596-805 MAIL: sales@supvan.com