Top Professional Label Marker Supvan Heat Shrink Tube Printer TP2000M
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  Top professional label marker supvan heat shrink tube printer TP2000M can print heat shrink tube from φ7 to φ30.

  Thick cables are used to lay lines for power facilities, communication engineering.the heat shrink tube printer could be used for connecting ultra-thick cables.which printer is the best for identifying ultra-thick heat shrink tube? SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000M focuses on heat shrink tube printing for many years.

heat shirnk tube printer

  SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000M is a special model which focuses on heat shrink tube printing, the printing speed is super fast at 35mm/s, supporting auto full cut or half cut, the diameter of heat shrink tube is from 7mm to 30mm. Because of our concentration , we are refined, more professional ,faster, clearer and more efficient.

  Printing the labels with SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer ,you can make insulation material and labels in one. While providing insulation effect and the SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer also provides the line instruction function. If you want to print thinner heat shrink tube ,it is right for you to choose cable ID printer, if you print ultra-thick heat shrink tube, it is better for you to choose SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000M.

  SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer is professional to print heat shrink tube at φ7 ~φ30.

  1.High productivity and fast printing speed: Printing speed at 35mm/s, it is easy to complete batch printing.

  2. Wide printing range: Print heat shrink tube atφ7mm-φ30mm.

  3. Automatic half cut: Simple and efficient, convenient and practical.

  4.Clear printing effect: 300DPI high resolution ratio.

  5.Durable marker: Adopt advanced thermal transfer technology, focus on heat shrink tube printing,better weather resistance.

  6.Stable performance:Compatible with multiple operating system,connect a computer through a USB interface, the operating system can be Windows XP/7/8/10/XP/VISTA.

  7.Special editing software:User-friendly design, easy to call massive built-in frames,bar-codes, symbols, stickers and etc,the Excel files are imported directly.
  heat shrink tube printer   

  SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000M focus on printing identification of ultra-thick heat shrink tube, the thermal transfer effect is clear and durable, the effect is clear after heating and shrinking. It can provide a long-term identification effect for the lines.if you want to know more details about SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer,please contact me directly.