The best of desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer
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  If you need one desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer, LP6245A should be the best for your computer room. The ordinary printer could print the label for width 6mm/9mm/12mm. It is necessary for complicated cables and dark machine room to use a wider label for differentiating the cables and equipments. Supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A is the best choice for you!

desktop thermal transfer label printer

  Supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A designed for automatic cutting and printing the width of label from 6mm to 24mm.

  1. Supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A has powerful functions as follow,

  ①Up to 50pcs labels can be printed one time.

  ②Effective width of the label is 24mm, the optional width of label is 6mm/9mm/12mm/18mm/24mm

  ③Flexible operations,

  Single printer, you could print with the keyboard on the machine.

  On-line printer, batch data could be connected to the database, import the Excel table to print.

  ④Clear effect, 300 DPI resolution ratio.

  ⑤Variety of labels, normal labels, flag labels and wrap labels panel labels, the labels could meet the identification of different fields.

  ⑥Working efficiently: printing speed, 20mm/s.Support automatic full cut and print,fully meet the demand of speed for batch printing.

 desktop thermal transfer label printer  

  2. Supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A is widely used in electricity, telecom and security field.

  If you make a variety of markings with wide cable label, it is convenient for you to recognize the cables which you need. The cable label from SUPVAN has the following features,

  It is not easy to produce protuberance shell, peel off and keep long-term stability.

  The desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A has the flag keys and professional editing software, the flag labels are widely used in electric wire and cable.

  If you press the wrap key, you can edit the wrap label, for example you print the labels for wrapping the electric wire and cable.

  As to the Chinese restaurant and catering industry, such as a restaurant, a coffee shop and a fast food outlets, you can distinguish the different dressing with the striking labels.

 desktop thermal transfer label printer  

  As you know there is high liquidity of service practitioners and the cost of metal name tag is too high, you could choose the supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer LP6245A, the supvan label could stick on the surfact of name tag. You cost less ,but get better appearance. When you are in the restaurants or hotels, the Supvan desktop Thermal Transfer Label Printer connects the computer, variety of patterns and symbols are designed to be used for guest room management , food & beverage service, guest service agent etc.