SUPVAN Vinyl Sign Printing Machine LP8150
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  If you print safety signs and labels, SUPVAN vinyl sign printing machine LP8150 is your first choice.

vinyl sign printing machine LP8150

  There are dozens, or even hundreds of different pieces of equipment used in most facilities on a daily basis. One of the most important, yet also most overlooked items is the industrial label maker.

  While most people don’t think about label makers as being essential to operating a facility, they really are. When you have the right label printer, it can be used to improve safety, vinyl sign printing LP8150, makes communication in the facility better, and even helps with internal marketing or advertising campaigns.

  For many safety signs and labels,including electricity safety, hazardous chemicals safety, traffic safety, child safety, safety use of large models etc, all the labels could be made with SUPAN vinyl sign printing machine LP8150. Professional thermal transfer technology can achieve high definition printing for safety signs.the labels have strong weather resistance and are waterproof, oil-proof and weather resistant.

  There are some functions and features for SUPVAN vinyl sign printing machine LP8150,

  Large Printing Options – You can print labels or signs that are big enough to be seen from a great distance. Single jobs can be up to 6’ tall, but it is easy to combine multiple labels to create extra large signs too.

  Quality Print Stock – You can use traditional label print stock, or use durable vinyl stock that will look great and last a long time both indoors and outside.

  Easily Readable Labels and Signs – This printer has a 300 DPI resolution, which allows for clean, crisp lines for lettering or pictures.

  Affordable Stock – The labels are all very affordable, and it is far cheaper to print your own labels than it would be to order them from a third party printer.

  Depending on what types of things you need to print, you’ll undoubtedly have many other things that you love about the SUPVAN vinyl sign printing machine LP8150.

 vinyl sign printing machine  

  SUPVAN vinyl sign printing machine LP8150 is equipped with professional software, batch editing, batch printing, completes the printing of danger, warning and safety identification signs efficiently, Provides more standardized and clear security guarantees for industrial production and daily life.

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