Efficient engineering Cable ID Printer SUPVAN TP70E/76E
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  Engineering cable id printer TP70E/76E is designed by thermal transfer, cuts and prints the tube, heat shrink tube, adhesive sticker, adhesive sticker is called label. the printing effect of engineering cable id printer TP70E/76E is clear. the engineering cable id printer is used for power and telecom industrial,the printing effect is fairly stable.

  SUPVAN engineering cable id printer is different from normal label printer, the engineering cable id printer could print on the tube and heat shrink tube directly, what’s more,it also could print on the PET adhesive sticker. It is widely used for electric control and distribution equipment . the dedicated devices for electric control,distribution equipment and layout of network engineering, the engineering cable id printer also could meet the demand for power plant,electrical equipment factory, substation,electric industry to differentiate the logos.

cable id printer cable id printer

  SUPVAN is the first company that is devoted to developing and producing professional industrial identification products in Chinese market. SUPVAN engineering cable id printer has more functions than the local label printer, the appearance of engineering cable id printer has been improved, you can see the normal operation of the engineering cable id printer with a transparent top cover.

  1) Engineering cable id printer allows to print on tubes(0.5-6mm diameter) and label tape(6,9,12mm) and Heat shrink tube(0.5-6mm diameter).

  2) Large white backlight LCD can display 2-row input contents. Each row can display 13 English letters.

  3) Push-to-Talk (PTT) can generate various functions with only one key to operate conveniently.

  4) When there is any switch on/off and any error operation, the machine will send a ticking sound to prompt.

  5) TP70E/76E engineering cable id printer can realize the automatic nip function of print head and the automatic half/full cutting functions.

  6) The unique setting of test key may be convenient for you to monitor the machine status and accept the machine performances.

  7) The unique setting of cursor print key may realize the print of contents between any two segment intervals in file.

  8) The powerful built-in file memory capacity may memory 100 different files for easy calls at any time.

  9)PC connect, Support Win7/Win8/Win10.(TP76E)

  If you are interested in the English version engineering cable id printer, please feel free to contact us. We are looking forward to your specific inquiry.

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