SUPVAN TP2000M, the best heat shrink tube printer from CHINA
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SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000M is a special model which focuses on heat shrink tube printing, the diameter of heat shrink tube is from 7mm to 30mm. because we focus, so we more professional. the printing effect of supvan heat shrink tube printer is more clear. the heat shrink tube could keep stable printing effect. It is widely used in electric power project, telecommunication for printing the extra-coarse heat shrink tube to keep the label marking durable.

heat shrink tube printer

(1) Solve the problem for ultra-wide heat shrink tube printing
The range for printing, SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer TP2000Mcould print the diameter of heat shrink tube printer from 7mm to 30mm , the width of lettering is from 2mm to 40mm. heat shrink tube printer solve the printing problem for super thick and superfine heat shrink tube. It could meet the demand for more kinds of tube and equipment, it is fully meet printing demand of different customers.

(2) Solve the problem of printing is not clear after heat shrinkage
*The clear printing effect: resolution 300DPI
*Persistence identifier: adopting advanced thermal transfer technology, focusing on researching heat shrink tube printing, keep clear printing effect before and after heat shrinking, heat shrink tube printer could print the labels for electricity and electronics, has stronger weather resistance and achieve durable marking effect.

(3) Solve the problem of still needing manually cut after printing.
Built-in automatic half cutter, it can automatically cut in half after printing the heat shrink tube, which greatly saves the trouble of manual cutting, simple and efficient, convenient and practical.

Because the heat shrink tube is used for printing, the cable insulation protection and cable identification are integrated,which not only ensures the normal and safe utilization of electric power,wire and electronic components, but also plays the role of marking lines, equipment and networks. SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer could provide more professional guarantee for the secondary-line identification of electronic control , power distribution equipment and comprehensive distribution system and could meet the demand for distinguishing sign and mark for power plant, electric equipment factory, substation and electric power Industry. SUPVAN heat shrink tube printer is widely used in industry marking field of switch, locomotive, machine tool, electric power, telecommunications, medicine, steel and so on.

If you want to print the wide of heat shrink tube less than 7mm, you could use SUPVAN cable ID printer, TP70E, TP76E, TP80E, the three printers could print tube,heat shrink tube and stickers. We provide 2 years warranty. if you want to know more about the heat shrink tube printer TP2000M, please call me directly 0086-10-62968596 or write email to me,