What's the use of electronic lettering machine ?
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What’s  the use electronic lettering machine ? it is easier to set printing content for  computer electronic lettering machine than the ordinary button operating  electronic lettering machine. for example Supvan electronic lettering machine  uses PC software to link data, import Excel sheet, operate in batch.it is  helpful for big construction and it is efficient to shorten printing  construction period.

electronic lettering machine


Profession PC editing software, SUPVAN  Editor

SUPVAN electronic lettering machine connects computer with USB2.0  interface.Supvan professional software has a new human machine interface,with  powerful function, suitable for Windows 2000/XP/win 7/win 8/win 10 operating  system and so on. you can achieve independent operation at construction site, a  multi-purpose machine.

Connect  database.

If you connect SUPVAN database, it is easier for you to print same  labels in batch.

electronic lettering machine

Automated  designPrint in batch, High  output.

Automated design,  automatic feed/clean/ ribbon pre tighten/ half cut/full  cut.

Higher printing precision, durable printing head, resolution 300DPI.

Faster printing speed, tube. 40pcs/min(20mm/pc),   label  40pcs/min(20mm/pc).

3kinds of printing consumables,  tube and heat shrink  tubeΦ0.52-62mm. Label width  6mm/9mm/12mm.

Low temperature pattern, maintain clear printing effect in low  temperature pattern, offer more possibilities for special work  field.

This is answer for use of  electronic lettering machine according to TP80E. SUPVAN electronic lettering  machine contains TP80E, TP76E and TP70E.each model has its characteristics and  is suitable for customers with different printing needs. If you want to know  more news, please call me directly 010-62968596-805 or write email to me,  sales@supvan.com

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