SUPVAN Label & Sign Printing machine LCP8150E
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SUPVAN label sign printing machine LCP8150E is widely used in factories, manufacturing, public facilities and other safety-oriented warning signs. Supvan  focuses on label &sign printing machine for ultra-side and colour labels.The  printing width is 10mm to 160mm, the engraving speed is 120mm/s.  

Label&sign printing machine

SUPVAN label&sign printing machine LCP8150E could print the Chinese national  standard safety marks following the national standard of the people’s republic  of China GB2894. There are four types of signs: prohibition signs, warning  signs, mandatory signs, reminder signs. You also could print emergency exit  signs, fire signs,caution signs, warning signs and so on. Supvan also could  customize the security signs as per your need.

label&sign printing machine

There are some functions and features for Supvan label&sign printing machine LCP8150E,
1.Printing, engraving, auto full-cut, a variety of shapes, a variety of  sizes, a variety of colors of labels, on machine can  complete.
2.Thermal printing, 300DPI high resolution ratio, perfect printing  effect, clear and durable.
3.Provide high quality self-adhesive labels and ribbons in multiple  colors.
4.Single label could be printed from 10mm*10mm to  160mm*1000mm.
5.Splicing printing 750mm*1000mm label in imum  width.
6.It is convenient and easy to design labels using the special LABEL EDITOR editing  software.
7.Pictures , text, tables, bar-codes,combine freely and free to  edit.
8.Built-in thousands of security, prompts, warning signs and a number  of industry-wide graphic logos,free to choose.
9.It is easy to achieve visual management.
10.The data of Excel files could be imported, generate multiple labels at a time and  achieve rapid production of mass labels.
SUPVAN label&sign printing machine LCP8150E not only has strong label production  capability but also has a wide range of application fields. At present SUPVAN label&sign printing machine LCP8150 is widely used to print labels in city public facility, safety and health, supermarket and equipment management fields. If you want to know more details, please contact me,