What is best communication cable label printer?
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  The communication cable label provides important marking parameters for the communication equipment room with dense line and crisscrossing cables. There are various kinds of communication cable label printers, the prices of label printers are different with different styles and widths. Then what’s the best communication cable label printer ?

  There are many different types of cable label printers, the best way is to follow the usual printing requirements. If the printing width of label is 6-12mm, you could choose SUPVAN LP5125 series or LP6125 series. If the printing width is 6-18mm, you can choose SUPVAN LP6185 series. If the printing width is 6-24mm, you can choose SUPVAN LP6245 series. If the printing width is 6-64mm, you can choose SUPVAN MP7640. If you want to print wider labels, you should consider purchasing label &sign printing machine SUPVAN LCP8150.

communication cable label printer

  Printing width means the imum printing width range which the label printer can withstand. The measurement of label printer is different from ordinary printer, it should be clear to be seen by using the daily length unit mm. Users could choose according to the actual width of the bar code label that they need to print in the actual application. And for this topic, users should consider clearly in advance, large width can print small font, but if the width is small, there is no way to print the large font.


communication cable label printer  

  SUPVAN communication cable label printer could make a rich variety of LP series labels including: P-type, T-type,F-type self-adhesive cable labels, cable and wire labels, wrap cable and wire identification labels, overlay cable and wire identification labels, transparent cable wire identification labels, strong adhesive laminated panel switch labels.

  Applicable to L-type and X-series labels of different diameter cables, such as network, optical fiber,2M cable, power line, multi-pair cable, RF cables. Different specifications of labels could meet needs of marking such as voice, data, power supply and video cables.Even in the smooth cable, SUPVAN strong adhesive laminated label can fully exert excellent adhesive performance.

  communication cable label printer


  If you want to know what is the best communication cable label printer ? Manufacturer SUPVAN tells you that the most suitable is the best. Each SUPVAN communication cable label is designed with different concepts to meet the needs of consumers for different printing needs.

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