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The announced  about supvan free recycling of used ribbon cassette activities
Dear customers
     Supvan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as a response to the national call to promote environmental protection, providing convenient product recycling services for customers using the products of the supvan, and you are finished using the used ribbon cassette  properly handle a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Special free recycling of used ribbon cassette.
Supvan free recycling ribbon cassette services specific content:
1,This activity to provide recycling service the old ribbon cassette products for all supvan, ribbon cassette of the supvan series tube printer and supvan series plate printer;
2,Recycled ribbon cassette including: has not been demolished parts ribbon cassette( Including supvan  series tube printer and supvan series plate printer's ribbon cassette);
3,Customers who holding these kind of ribbon cassete,please sent to our designated provinces after-sales maintenance service center ,The  specific network as follows (The provinces who still not set up after-sales maintenance service center ,We recommended to Beijing jifa electronics co.,ltd.

4,Supvan provide  free recycling service,  we do not charge any  fee to customers;
5,The recycled waste Ribbon cassette will be in accordance with Chinese laws and environmental protection requirements and properly handle the deal with the necessary cost to be borne by supvan;
6,Recycling ribbon cassette for free , Supvan do not give  anycost of compensation to customers;
7, Recycling ribbon cassette should not contain garbage, waste and chemicals;
8,Thank you very much to make a contribution to the environmental protection! We look forward to your more suggestions about company's environmental protection ! We are ready to grow with you!
                                   Supvan Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


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